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Tenants' Union ACT


PO Box 8, Civic Square ACT 2608

(02) 6247 1026



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About Us

The Tenants’ Union ACT is a not for profit community legal centre offering free services for people renting their homes in the ACT.

We assist tenants in private residential as well as community housing properties and residents in other forms of accommodation such as campus residences, boarding and lodging properties and caravan parks.

We provide free tenancy advice, advocacy and referrals as well as information, presentations and training.

We aim to inform and educate tenants about their rights, improve conditions for tenants, improve the status of tenants and represent the collective interests of tenants in law and policy making.

Renting Advice is the best place to start if you want to learn about your rights, responsibilities and options for resolving disputes.  You’ll find Factsheets on common renting issues, Sample Letters to help you write to your landlord or property manager, as well as a searchable index of Frequently Asked Questions.  If you are a tenant or occupant and you need further information or specific advice you can contact the ACT Tenants’ Advice Service.

Free information and assistance to all people renting in the ACT. For free tenancy advice call Tenants Advice for call back service: 6247 2011. 10:00-11:30 am Mon-Fri.