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About Us

Companions of the Human Spirit

We hope to encourage and inspire you to take action.  We will do this by sharing our knowledge and experience in as many ways as we can.

We want you to learn about the increasing needs of the elderly and to do something about it.  In particular, help those living with dementia and those living in nursing homes.  

Dementia attacks the brain, but the human spirit, the essence of that human being fights on and is very much still there.  That person still needs love, attention, respect, dignity and most of all, a Companion.

Become a Companion and support the services and care provided in nursing homes, by nurturing the human spirit and enriching the lives of our elderly.

You can do this simply by volunteering in a nursing home for just one hour a week, and spend quality time with a person in need of companionship.

This is where you, as a Companion, can play a crucial role.  Become a friend, a mate, bring joy to an older spirit.

We all deserve and need quality of life, happiness and peace, particularly when our lives are ending.

We can show you how.

Raising Awareness, Advocating for People Living with Dementia, Actively Fundraising and Believing in Life without Dementia.