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Navigating family dynamics can become difficult due to competing needs, existing alliances and communication difficulties. At Strategic Psychology, family therapy involves working with the entire family to address some of the issues identified as contributing to a less than ideal family dynamic. Family therapy resolves conflicts in a healthier way, fostering enriching family relationships. It works to help individuals understand each other and create stronger bonds to manage conflict in a healthy and productive way for all family members.

Family therapy can be useful for all types of families experiencing conflict. From traditional nuclear families, to blended families, single parent families and same-sex marriage families, families with young children or families with adult children. Our friendly, trained psychologists will approach your family with neutrality and respect, to gain an understanding of the difficulties you are facing within the family unit. We will work with you to assist in identifying issues, the effect these are having on family dynamics and work collaboratively with all family members to assist in finding better ways to cope.

Strategic Psychology In Canberra

In some cases, individuals within the family will be engaged with individual counselling services to assist with addressing their own challenges and difficulties. This can also be provided at our private practice in Canberra with another of our psychologists.

For children with disorders such as ADHD, autism or learning difficulties, we also have trained child psychologists at Strategic Psychology. Please contact us for more information on 02 6108 3432.

Quick Facts About The Region

Strategic Psychology is located in the suburbs of Canberra Central and City, the council of Canberra and the federal electorate of Canberra.