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About Us

Since 1970, The Shepherd Centre has assisted close to 2,000 children who are deaf or hearing impaired, to improve their quality of life. The organisation is recognised as a world leader in the field of early intervention Auditory-Verbal Therapy, providing families with assistance to develop their child’s spoken language, so they can reach their full potential and be a fully contributing member of the community.

Registered under NDIS to deliver services -

Work with children with all degrees and types of hearing loss, who use hearing aids or cochlear implants (or other devices). Also have a cochlear implant program where we can evaluate whether someone is suitable for a cochlear implant, support them through surgery and through into therapy to ensure they can use the device well. Able to support clients from birth, right through school.

Service include individual therapy sessions, small group targeted therapy sessions, playroup, parent and family workshops, residential workshops and other external training opportunities for schools and community groups.

Quick Facts About The Region

The Shepherd Centre For Deaf Children is located in the suburbs of Rivett and Weston Creek, the council of Canberra and the federal electorate of Canberra.