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ACT Revenue Office


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About Us

Provides information about how duties and taxes are administered in the ACT, including rates, thresholds and calculators, advice on various concessions and grants for ACT property transactions.

The ACT Revenue Office motto is "Providing quality service through excellence, integrity and innovation".

The ACT Revenue Office assists the ACT Government to:

  • develop a simple and equitable tax system for the ACT; and
  • implement administrative and regulatory processes for revenue collection which are efficient and cost effective. 


The ACT Revenue Office has the following business units:

Duties, Grants and Concessions

Operates the ACT Revenue Office Contact Call Centre.  Administers tax laws and the First Home Owner Grant, and provides advice relating to ACT taxes and the grant.

Compliance, Investigations and Awareness

Maintains and enforces compliance with all ACT tax legislation.

Systems and Finance

Provides financial management and reporting services.  Administers the Home Loan Portfolio on behalf of the ACT Commissioner for Housing.

Taxation Legislation, Reviews and Litigation

Provides advice on ACT tax legislation and prepares amendments to legislation.  The Reviews and Litigation sub-unit deals with all objections for assessments and decisions and any subsequent merit review.

Property, Payroll and Debt

Administers Rates, Land Tax, Land Rent, Payroll Tax and other return taxes.  Maintains revenue accounts, including debt recovery.