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Canberra Living Conditions Network (CLCN)

Canberra Living Conditions Network (CLCN)

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About Us

CLCN consists of managers and workers from community and government agencies, and private enterprise, who provide services to individuals and families living in squalor and hoarding situations.

CLCN aims to promote a sector-wide response for the development of a coordinated, multi-disciplinary, adequately funded and systemic response to squalor and hoarding in the Canberra community, by:

  • Developing training opportunities, service capacity, and knowledge sharing across a broad cross-section of government and non-government organisations.
  • Developing appropriate tools to aid the sharing of information and the development of techniques to intervene in identified squalor and/or hoarding cases for positive living conditions results for individuals and families.
  • Collecting data
    • to develop a profile of squalor and hoarding in the Canberra community
    • to evaluate tools and techniques used in the sector
    • to measure the impact of changes in funding or services
  • Advocating for change in service provision for squalor and hoarding based on gaps and needs identified.
  • Seeking financial and systemic support for the development of a coordinated response to squalor and hoarding in the Canberra community.

Quick Facts About The Region

Canberra Living Conditions Network (CLCN) is located in the suburbs of Canberra Central and City, the council of Canberra and the federal electorate of Canberra.