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About Us

Philanthropize Pty Ltd, an organisation dedicated to supporting women, has launched Adamas Nexus, a self-facilitated, after-crisis support group for women who have survived domestic abuse (in any of its forms).  The group will fill a gap in the support cycle for domestic abuse, giving women a safe place to meet and support other similarly affected women.

We know that 1 in 6 women have experience physical and/or sexual violence by a current or previous partner since age 15.[1]

Domestic abuse is a significant health and welfare issue in Australia with no demographic or socioeconomic boundaries.[2]

The trauma caused by domestic abuse has major effects on women’s abilities to work, remain healthy and be financial secure. It is also a leading cause of homelessness.[3] It is estimated that violence against women and their children cost Australia an estimated $22 billion in 2015-16[4]

Adamas Nexus www.adamasnexus.comlooks to enable survivors of domestic abuse through a safe, supported environment following a self-facilitated, structured meeting format. There is no cost to attend.

Women will be heard, validated and supported which are critical areas for ongoing recovery.

Canberra has many preventative and educational organisations, along with in-crisis services, however there is very little available to support women once out of crisis and through the rest of their lives.

The group believes it will help to reduce the number of women who have been through crisis having to return to crisis support by closing the gap in the support cycle, and freeing up already over-burdened support organisations to focus on the many new women who are speaking up and coming forward for help.

By closing this gap, it will create an holistic support network starting with women, but with longer term goals of setting up groups for others such as men or specific cultures. Adamas Nexus intends to have groups available around the country.

Hillary Clinton has said: “Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world”. Adamas Nexus intends to untap as many women survivors as possible.

Prior to attending meetings, women are asked a series of questions to ensure their safety and determine they are ready for these meetings.

The group also provides links and documentation to other support organisations via leaflets, flyers and the website.

Meetings will be held monthly at a central Canberra location, with expansion to other areas within Canberra and Queanbeyan over the next 12-18 months.  Details are available on the website www.adamasnexus.com






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