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About Us

Having a member of our family with a severe disability, we understand the importance of quality services to assist with daily living and quality of life. Furthermore, we appreciate the desire to maintain a non-clinical feel in the family home.

Conder House Laundry and Linen Service is a family focussed, door to door laundry and linen service. We specialise in supporting individuals to remain in the family home. 

Conder House Laundry & Linen Service Pty Ltd was envisioned by Cathy Costa, as she couldn't find a linen service to meet her son's requirements. Her domestic machine couldn't cope with the volume of washing, nor the bulky waterproof bed pads. Large linen companies wouldn’t take an individual client, and she didn't want the linen in her home to look like a hospital.

Cathy and her sons, John, Jarrod and Jordan are excited about this new service and look forward to supporting clients throughout the Canberra Region.