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About Us

MCT Care is one of the leading NDIS providers of Australia which is providing a variety of services nationally. MCT Care is established to provide support and services to people with disability. We are approved National NDIS provider and launching branches all over Australia except Western Australia. Team of an experienced health professional with different expertise are running it.

Assist Personal Activities

MCT Care assists Personal activities which relate to supporting and assistance with daily personal activities. It may range from regular personal skills to complex personal assistance, that with the help of our experienced and caring staff can allow our clients to live life independently and in the manner, they choose, “Live the life way, You want”.


We provide flexible support across a variety of natures: a participant living alone, undertaking social, recreational, education or employment activities, during holidays away from home. Personal care is vital for daily life and progression as an individual, where here at MCT Care, we ensure that the needs of our client are met at various levels of personal care.

Our care is specific to our client’s needs, which may vary widely:

  •  Personal care
    •  Help during eating or drinking
    • Mobility: moving in or out of bed and around the house
    • Attending appointments
    • The bladder, bowel management and menstrual care
    • Personal hygiene: showering, bathing, oral hygiene, dressing and grooming
  • Complex Personal care
    •   Clientspecific care which can refer to tasks which at the participant’s request cannot be provided by family members or friends.
    • The manner and complexity will vary across our clients, but our trained and caring staff will ensure that all their needs are met.
    • We take into account behavioural inconsistencies amongst our clients and based on such differences, we ensure that more intensive assistance is available.

We provide support based on several aspects of our clients:

    • Their weight (and other physical aspects)
    • Medical condition: medication needs, Supervise/support/ administration medication.
    • Personality based traits where they may prefer a certain type of carer (Choice).
    • High care needs: Our experienced Registered nurse involve in it.

We have trained and experienced staff members with over 30 language proficiencies from several different backgrounds so that the clients receive more intuitive support.

                                               “LIVE THE LIFE, THE WAY YOU WANT”


Community Participation

Community participation can relate to various things but most commonly:

    • Going to work.
    • Going to school or further education.
    • Seeing and talking to friends, family and colleagues.

Such actions are all part of community participation and several factors can affect it:

    • Personal (health, mobility, support from family and friends)
    • Societal (distance, physical accessibility)

For people with disability, community participation can be hindered by systemic factors such as the availability of support for disability needs.  With all this into consideration, we at MCT Care provide specific support so that participants meet their goals in a participating community, social or recreational activities. We at MCT Care believe that community involvement and engagement serve to connect individuals and in turn, create a sense of contribution, which is a vital aspect of being independent.

With the assistance of our experienced and caring staff, our clients will be able to carry out various activities, such as:

    • Join a sporting club.
    • See a movie or a concert.
    • Visit your local library.
    • Join a social group.
    • Attend personal development courses.
    • Go on holiday.

This ensures that our clients are empowered and have more control and choice over their lifestyle as per our MOTO: “Live the life, the way you want”. Our staff will not only aid in carrying out the goals of our participants but also:

    • lookout for opportunities where contributions can be made.
    • Understand the Provider role as a facilitator for the client’s goals.

Participants can enjoy while going out with their own cultural/language Support workers.

                                                    “LIVE THE LIFE, THE WAY YOU WANT”


Daily/ Household Tasks

Assistance with daily tasks is a service we provide here at MCT Care. It refers to supporting our clients in routine tasks to give skills to increase their independence and provide control over their life. These everyday tasks may involve:

    • Showering or bathing
    • Dressing
    • Grooming
    • Personal hygiene
    • Going to the toilet
    • Getting in and out of bed
    • Help with eating
    • Moving around the house
    • Cooking
    • Shopping

The support is provided to each person living in their own home or shared arrangement base on their specific needs. If our client lives in a shared space, our flexible support workers can ensure that they receive maximum assistance without any hindrances. This will allow their carer to take a break and complete other tasks of significance.

Our staff are fully aware of the privacy and dignity of clients. We focus on the “LIVE THE LIFE, THE WAY YOU WANT” which means we provide services to the clients as per their choice.

                                            “LIVE THE LIFE, THE WAY YOU WANT”

Support coordination.

Support coordination refers to strengthening participants’ abilities to coordinate and implement supports in their plans so that they can participate more fully in the community. Support coordination is split into three levels:

 Level 1: Support Connection

Where we assist participants to implement their own plan by strengthening their ability to connect with systems of support, providers and understand their own NDIS plans. Through us, our clients will receive support to effectively utilise their NDIS plans. We hope to increase our client’s capacity to participate independently in NDIA processes. Support connection may include:

    • Understand the plan
    • Connect with supports and services
    • Establish supports

Level 2: Coordination of supports

This level serves to strengthen our client’s ability to design and build supports with a focus on connecting systems of support.  Through this, we can assist participants in governing not only their services but also their lifestyle. Support coordinators act as guides which assist participants in maintaining a robust network of supports, both informal and formal.  Coordination of support may include:

    • Targeted support coordination
    • Crisis planning and mitigation
    • Build resilience and capacity

Level 3: Specialist support coordination

This support is delivered through an expert as it involves specific high complex and high-level risks in a participant’s situation. It is provided by a qualified and experienced practitioner to meet the individual needs of the participant’s circumstances such as Social worker, Psychologist, Occupational Therapist or Mental health nurse. They will serve to address barriers that inhibit our clients from implementing their plan.

Specialist support coordination may include:

    • Address complex barriers
    • Design complex service plan

(This Service on hold now, will continue soon)


Assist travel and transport

This type of support relates to the assistance of our clients in getting from one location to another, where through our trained staff can transport them to and from their place of work to appointments. 

Transport supports include training to use public transport or personal transport-related assistance. We ensure that our not only is our client able to get from one point to another but also help to build their capacity to travel independently. This type of support is based on the participant’s disability support needs for example:

    • Low mobility due to wheelchair
    • Specific requirements for travel.                                                                                         
    • Our experienced and trained staff guide/trained them to be independent for the travel with safety precaution.


                                                  “LIVE THE LIFE, THE WAY YOU WANT”


Plan management


This support focuses on strengthening our client’s ability to carry out tasks associated with the management of their supports.

We at MCTC assist participants in managing their plans so that:

    • Clients have choice and control over the providers they use.
    • They can use either NDIS registered providers or nonregistered to get services.
    • Their budget is kept on track through financial administration. Plan manager will be able to efficiently process payments on behalf of our clients.


Experienced accountant (CPA) will process it with NDIS in which other provider gets the payments between three to five days.


                                           “CHOICE, CONTROL, FLEXIBILITY, ACCURACY AND EFFICIENCY”


Development life skills

This broad aspect of our service relates to improving our client’s lifestyle through the development of various life skills, which may include:

  • Plan and Financial Capacity Building

This focuses on improving participant’s management skills in multiple aspects of their life such as:

    • Building financial skills: understanding efficient money usage and value of the exchange.
    • Organisational Skills: managing various aspects of their own plan will help to improve their organisational skills such as organise their day to day life events.
    • Enhancing the participant’s ability to direct their supports: MCT Care will ensure that they receive the exact support they need.
    • Develop self-management capabilities.
  • Independence

Through our trained staff, we ensure that our clients are able to take control of their own life by gathering skills that are necessary to lead an independent lifestyle.

    • Personal Task: shower, hygiene.
    • Household task: cleaning, maintenance.
    • Transport: travelling by train or bus without the aid of others.
  • Communication

Communication skills are essential to allow others and yourself to understand information more accurately and quickly. For this, one of the examples is Community engagement which improves communication and provides a sense of purpose and contribution. This also assists in improving self-confidence. By being involved in a community or group, participants gain confidence so that they can control their lifestyle.

Our focus on developing participants life skill is based on their goal/choice, to provide sets of skills which they can utilise to be in control of their life.


                                                    “LIVE THE LIFE, THE WAY YOU WANT”


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Quick Facts About The Region

MCT Care- ACT is located in the suburbs of Isabella Plains and Tuggeranong, the council of Canberra and the federal electorate of Canberra.