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Department of Veterans' Affairs offer the Veterans’ Children Education Scheme (VCES) and the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act Education and Training Scheme (MRCAETS).

The Education Schemes provide financial assistance, student support services, guidance and counselling for eligible children to help them achieve their full potential in full-time education or career training.

Who is eligible?

The VEA defines an eligible child of a veteran as the veteran’s natural or adopted child, or any other child who is, or was immediately before the death of the veteran, wholly or substantially dependent on the veteran.

The MRCA defines an eligible young person as a dependant who was wholly, mainly or partly dependent on the member and includes any person for whom the member stands in the position of a parent.


For the purposes of eligibility under the VCES, an eligible child is someone who is:

  • under 16 years; or
  • between 16 and 25 and undertaking full-time education (including an Australian Apprenticeship, Traineeship or cadetship); and
  • the child of a current or former member of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) who is receiving (or was receiving prior to their death) a disability pension:
    • at the special rate (commonly known as T&PI);
    • at the extreme disablement adjustment (EDA) rate;
    • at an increased rate because of multiple amputations, or multiple amputations and blindness; or
  • the child of a current or former ADF member whose death was war or defence caused; or
  • the child of a veteran who was an Australian prisoner-of-war and is now deceased.


Also eligible are students whose veteran parent had operational service but whose death was not war or defence caused, and have also lost their other parent. This loss may be through death or where the surviving parent is not maintaining them.

A student who is the child or dependant of a Vietnam veteran but who does not qualify under any of the above criteria may be eligible in certain circumstances.

Guidance and counselling (only) under the Education Schemes are also available to:

  • children of ADF members who were severely injured or killed in the Blackhawk Helicopter Accident on 12 June 1996; or
  • children of veterans who were severely injured or killed after 7 April 1994 and covered under the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988.



A person is eligible for MRCAETS benefits if he or she is an ‘eligible young person’. Under the MRCAETS, an ‘eligible young person’ is someone who is:

  • under 16 years old; or
  • between 16 and 25, undertaking full-time education (including an Australian Apprenticeship, Traineeship or cadetship) and not ordinarily engaged in full-time work on his or her own account; and
  • a dependant of a member or former member who:
  • is eligible, or was at some point, for the Special Rate Disability Pension (SRDP);
  • suffers an impairment that constitutes 80 or more impairment points; or
  • whose death was related to service.


What education assistance is available?

A student may be eligible for the following benefits provided under the Education Schemes:

  • education allowance;
  • special assistance;
  • fares allowance;
  • rent assistance;
  • additional tuition;
  • guidance and counselling;
  • tertiary Student Start-up and Relocation Scholarships;
  • Energy Supplement;
  • Income Support Bonus.

Quick Facts About The Region

Veterans' Access Network (VAN) Canberra is located in the suburbs of Phillip and Woden Valley, the council of Canberra and the federal electorate of Canberra.