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About Us

Exclusive to Cerebral Palsy Alliance. Regular check-ups for children with cerebral palsy that are proactive, supportive, responsive and free.

CP Check-Up is a two-hour screening and surveillance service designed to help prevent the many common conditions associated with cerebral palsy; such as musculoskeletal complications, pain, sleep and behaviour difficulties.

CP Check-Up is comprehensive, holistic and based on the latest global research evidence (with impressive successes in other countries).

Combined with CPA's specialist team, this free service is the leading check-up solution for children with cerebral palsy and their families. 

CP Check-Up is offered:

  • every six months to children under the age of 6 years
  • every twelve months for older children. 

Each two-hour session involves four steps: Assess; Monitor; Identify and report; Plan and provide.

This integrated service is designed to reassure, respond and then refer your child to the relevant CPA specialist team, or other health professionals for immediate attention.

Quick Facts About The Region

Cerebral Palsy Alliance is located in the suburbs of Belconnen and Scullin, the council of Canberra and the federal electorate of Fenner.