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About Us

Mindfulness Stretching – a unique therapeutic practice to reduce stress, manage anxiety and feel more comfortable in your body.

Brought to you by David Heap at CalmBeing, Mindfulness Stretching is a gentle inclusive practice that teaches you to stretch your way to relaxation and calm.

What makes it special is that it is built on the core practice of stretching without exertion. This makes it inherently safe for every body. No matter what your body shape, strength or flexibility level, Mindfulness Stretching works with your natural capacity for gentle movement and your own body’s instinct for its limits.

Guided by David, you stretch your body as far as it can comfortably reach without pain, and through the breath and the hold, allow the relaxation endorphins to flow through into the mind. Step by gentle step, tension, stress and worries are soothed away, along with chronic aches and pains, muscle tension and tightness.

Mindfulness Stretching is the perfect antidote to the tension, stress and chronic pain that can build up as we churn through our lives in this busy, noisy, hyper-connected world.  It has a unique modern take on the age-old wisdom of meditation combined with the practice of mindfulness.

Using Relaxing StretchingEnhanced Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Sensation and Guided BreathingMindfulness Stretching is a careful and deliberate process of progressive relaxation to release muscle tension through breathing, extension and focus.

CalmBeing’s Mindfulness Stretching classes and workshops encourage relaxation, body connection, wellbeing and sleep in a gentle and accumulative way. From the first session, participants find it brings mental and emotional calm and a sense of inner quietness. Mindfulness is built through focusing the mind on the sensations within the body as the stretch gently develops. Almost immediately the mind settles as the brain enters the alpha/theta brainwave state.

The effects of a class go well beyond the hour-long sessions with David. In a survey of participants 75 per cent reported benefits from the class, reductions in chronic aches and pains, for four days or more.

Classes run in 10 week blocks with a hands-on instructor to walk you through progressive relaxation stretching sessions that will ease the body and calm the mind.  The practices are suitable for low levels of fitness and accommodates most physical aches, ailments and discomforts.

CalmBeing offers Mindfulness Stretching in community venues, in corporate settings and provides teacher training for those interested to bring calm into the lives of others.

The simple principle of relaxing the body to quieten the brain and ease the mind is the foundation of the CalmBeing philosophy.

David has been soothing Canberrans for more than a decade with his gentle deliberative and tailored classes – let you be next.

For more information please visit, or call David Heap on 0437 135 474

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Quick Facts About The Region

Belconnen Arts Centre is located in the suburb of Belconnen , the council of Canberra and the federal electorate of Fenner.