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Muslim Collective Canberra


PO Box 305, Richmond VIC 3121



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About Us

Meet other local progressive Muslims and get together in an open, compassionate and non-judgmental environment. We welcome new Muslims, old Muslims, LGBTQ Muslims, and Muslims in mixed-faith relationships.

Our goal is to build a community based on the core Islamic values of compassion, equality, social justice, and human rights. A place where you can be yourself AND Muslim!

Muslim Collective Canberra's meetings are held every second Tuesday. All welcome to attend and bring friends.  

Our fortnightly meetings start with a discussion on a topic raised by one of the attendees. Each week we'll have a speaker chosen in advance who'll pick a topic to talk about for about ten minutes at the start of the meeting. No topics are off limits, whether religious or political, feel free to speak about and discuss anything that is on your mind.

Muslim Collective is an organisation that advocates for the values that further human rights including egalitarianism, freedom of expression, freedom of/from religion, women's rights, and LGBT rights.

We aim to foster communities across Australia that can nurture these Islamic principles for everyone (Muslim or non-Muslim) no matter what part of their spiritual journey they are on. We developing a space for Muslims who want to establish a safe place to talk about Islam (the good, the bad and the ugly), as well as to develop a community of like-minded Muslims.