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An Australian resident may be eligible for bereavement payment. Short-term income support payment to help adjust following the death of a partner.

Bereavement Payment

Helps ease the adjustment to changed financial circumstances after the death of your partner, child or person you were caring for.

When an adult has died


You may be eligible for Bereavement Payment if either:

For some payments, such as Carer PaymentWife Pension and Partner Allowance, the payment may continue for 14 weeks following the death to give you time to seek other income support if necessary.

When a child has died


You will be eligible for a Bereavement Payment for a child who dies if you were receiving one of the following payments for them:

Loss of an infant

If your baby died after birth, your family may be eligible to receive:

Loss of a baby through stillbirth

If your baby was stillborn, your family may be eligible to receive:

Time limits apply to claim these payments. You must submit your claim within 52 weeks from the day of the delivery of your stillborn child.