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About Us

Room4Change is a residential therapeutic service to help men address their violence and controlling behaviours while their families are supported to stay in their own home.

Room4Change is a six month program for men who want to maintain strong and safe relationships.

Room4Change is committed to helping men make their own life better by stopping their use of violence by assisting men to explore what is important for them and their current and future relationships.

Participants can choose to live in the safe residential accommodation or choose to remain in their own home.  Men are able to maintain their employment, usual activities and relationships with their family and friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to commit: Room4Change runs over a six month period. Change takes time.

Where do I live: Participants can remain living at home or choose to live in one of our fully equipped Room4Change  residential properties.

Can I still work: Yes. We encourage participants to continue life as normal, including employment.

What supports do you provide me: All participants are required to attend group sessions each week and receive one on one support and assistance. Additionally, we will offer support and assistance to participants’ current partners and children.

If I live in, what do I need to bring: If you choose to live in our residential properties, you will be required to provide your own food, linen and personal items such as clothing and toiletries.

There are no telephone or internet services, so if you want to stay electronically connected, you will need to make your own arrangements.

If you drive, there is sufficient space to park your car.

All homes are fully furnished with fully equipped kitchens.  All men will receive their own fully furnished bedrooms and will need to share the bathroom with up to two other men who are also part of the program.

All men who choose to live in one of our residential properties will be required to sign an Occupancy Agreement.

Can I still see my family and friends: Yes. We encourage participants to stay connected to family, friends and supportive relationships.  We provide another fully equipped home, Dad’s Place, for fathers to spend overnight time with their children in a safe and welcoming environment.

What is Dad’s Place: Dad’s Place enables fathers to have temporary overnight care of their children. Dad’s Place has a fully equipped kitchen and beds for five children, plus Dad. The back yard is fully enclosed. The home is in walking distance to parks, shops and public transport. Dad’s Place is also available for fathers who need a suitable place to see their children after Room4Change.

How much does it cost: If you chose to live in one of our residential homes, you will incur a fee which is calculated on a sliding scale.  Otherwise, everything else is free of charge. If you choose to utilise Dad’s Place, you will incur a fee which is also calculated on a sliding scale.

Registration Process: To find out more or register your interest, please contact us on 6280 0900 or via email. Please note all contacts in relation to Room4Change, as with all other communication with DVCS, will be treated with the upmost of confidentiality.