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About Us

IGA East Row House is a local organisation passionate about helping regional families stay close to loved ones who may be hospitalised or are seeking medical treatment within the ACT.

The initiative was born to fill a gap in the community where there is little support available to the adult families; IGA East Row House is committed to operating a long term sustainable business model and to ensure our facility is developed to meet the needs of the families. Our plan is to:

  • Introduce IGA East Row House to the wider community and encourage individuals and businesses to actively participate in fund raising activities;
  • Establish strategic long term support by Metcash incorporating the national IGA brands;
  • Establish strategic partnership plans which local businesses, corporations, Government, schools and foundations can participate and support
  • Create regular income by developing a line of merchandise to be sold through IGA East Row and eventually from all IGA across Australian


The IGA East Row House building project and the subsequent on-going program will prosper through community partnerships and the generosity of businesses. Our eventual goal is to establish an IGA East Row House near major hospitals and regional treatment centres in every State and Territory and to operate a National Program across Australia.

We are currently raising funds for the IGA East Row House building project. Your donation will be allocated towards the construction of our first IGA East Row House.

All donations over $2.00 are tax deductible.