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About Us

Learning through play allows children to have fun while achieving the outcomes of the framework, which involves numeracy, literacy, community, culture, sustainability, identity, wellbeing, inquiry and communication. This method provides a strong and positive foundation for children to begin their educational journey. The preschool program is flexible and age appropriate; tailored to your child’s individual strengths, interests and needs. While with us your child will have the opportunity to actively explore and enjoy their environment, challenge their potential, learn to make choices and be responsible for those choices. Our Educators love to consistently respond to children’s ideas as we move amongst their play experiences, aligning EYLF learning outcomes with your child’s interests to ensure maximum learning and enjoyment is achieved. We use every opportunity to encourage development of children’s critical and creative thinking skills and abilities while applying Intentional Teaching Strategies (ITS) such as asking open ended questions, modelling, co-constructing and engaging in sustained shared thinking, to scaffold their knowledge. On a typical day at Mountain Preschool you can expect your child to enjoy outdoor play exploring our beautiful grounds. They will enjoying some sunshine and fresh mountain air while in the sand pit, riding trikes, challenging themselves on the outdoor equipment, participating in inquiry experiences, relaxing with a book or getting creative whilst undertaking some craft activities. Our indoor environment boasts an extensive range of quality educational toy resources, books and art media. This support of children’s learning happens all throughout the day, including during our routine transitions. We document learning and reflect on our practice to ensure forward planning occurs. Collaboration and turn- taking opportunities during language, music, and wellbeing group times, as well as children’s individual experiences, provides further chances to communicate shared interests, ideas, and to actively investigate. Opportunities to role play build identity concepts, inquiry learning develops cognitive abilities, connections with culture and community builds social and emotional wellbeing and the challenging experiences offered allows risk taking and physical development. We support and encourage children’s efforts and successes and allow time for them to explore, encourage self-help skills and offer choices so that children are confident in considering their actions and behaviour. Children feel empowered as they make choices in their daily lives such as: who they wish to play with, what they wish to engage in and whether they wish to join into group collaborations or not. They are given opportunity to discuss events and make decisions with school readiness practices incorporated into everyday activities and this results in agency and resilience being promoted. This, in conjunction with our strong community links, helps your child’s days and transition to primary school to be a confident and smooth journey.

Quick Facts About The Region

Mountain Preschool Lowanna is located in the suburb of Lowanna, the council of Coffs Harbour and the federal electorate of Page.