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Do you want to join the workforce, achieve more in your current role or find a new career? Vision Australia can support you on your employment pathway. Work can be very satisfying. It provides financial security, builds social and professional networks, and helps boost knowledge and skills. Work also enables us all to make a contribution to the local community and be more in control of our own lives. When you are blind or have low vision there can be challenges above and beyond those faced by other job seekers and employees. Vision Australia is the leading national provider of vision loss support services. We help over 26,000 people and deliver specialised employment support for people who are blind or have low vision. So if your aim is to get work-ready, find a job or make the most of the one you have, Vision Australia can help by tailoring a plan to your needs. Prepare for the career you want Vision Australia is here to support you to get ready for work. We can help you: Discover your potential and explore suitable career options. Write your resume and apply for positions. Create a professional development plan. Find out about different workplaces and how they operate. Recognise your strengths and increase your confidence. Learn alongside others seeking employment and hear from people who are pursuing their chosen career. Meet with quality employers to find out what they look for in their employees. Make the most of your current job You can get help to source funding for the right technology, equipment and training necessary to be your best at work. Vision Australia can provide you with training so you can travel safely to and from work and also around the workplace. We provide co-worker training to management and colleagues around working with people who are blind or have low vision. If you are employed and you feel that your job is at risk because of your vision loss, you don’t have to fight on your own. We can support you to advocate for yourself and to put new systems, equipment and skills in place so you can continue in your role. Build your career Everyone has their own aspirations. You will benefit from having a dedicated Vision Australia support person working with you to develop an individualised plan that sets out the steps to get what you want from life, including your career. Client satisfaction with Vision Australia’s employment service is 90 percent. Funding You can access funding options for Vision Australia’s services and support. These include the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and Job Access. Talk to us about the options available to you and for help with the process.

Quick Facts About The Region

Vision Australia Coffs Harbour is located in the suburb of Coffs Harbour, the council of Coffs Harbour and the federal electorate of Cowper.