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All of our doctors are able to manage patients with allergies, Asthma, and other atopic allergies disorders, such as rhinitis, are increasing worldwide and Australia has the third highest prevalence of current wheeze in 13-14 year old's. 

We are a registered practice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander services, if you identify as an ATSI patient we can help you get additional health care services that you may not otherwise be eligible, please notify your doctor if we have not registered you as an ATSI patient. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander services,

Our experienced GPs recognise the importance of diagnosing and managing asthma and other health issues. Our GPs use peak flow meters and spirometry. They perform regular reviews and provide asthma management plans and preventative and reliever medications as appropriate.  They also refer those patients with severe disease to Respiratory or Allergy Specialists.


Quick Facts About The Region

TMC Medical is located in the suburb of Sawtell, the council of Coffs Harbour and the federal electorate of Cowper.