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About Us

…metaphorically speaking is an initiative of Lucy Van Sambeek, an accredited social worker with over a decade of experience working with Aboriginal people and communities in the Northern Territory.  Now living on the Mid North Coast, Lucy offers a unique therapeutic approach to her practice with individuals, groups and organisations, bringing together the best of Western science and knowledge, whilst respecting and engaging with Indigenous perspectives and world views.

Lucy has walked alongside women, men, children, families and communities who have been touched by the effects of domestic and family violence, child abuse, deep trans-generational grief and loss, mental health issues, alcohol and drugs, and other traumas.  She promotes healing and recovery through counselling in nature, ecotherapy, narrative arts group work, retreats and community development projects. 

On our Nature Therapy walks, the forest is the therapist, while we just open the door.  The medicine you need is there for you to discover through our guiding.

In Counselling, we take a more active role to help you explore your story, to uncover your preferred way of being and doing in the world.

Our Therapeutic Group Programs, assist people to to discover the stories they want to tell about themselves through expressive mediums such as art making, cooking and documenting narratives.

Our Corporate Wellbeing Services are designed to promote wellbeing, a thriving workplace culture and positive mental health amongst employees within work teams and organisations.

Our Wellness Retreats offer more extended healing experiences to connect with your self and the more-than-human-world.

Quick Facts About The Region

metaphorically speaking is located in the suburb of Bowraville, the council of Nambucca and the federal electorate of Cowper.