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Amanda Bos - Food Freedom Coach

Amanda Bos - Food Freedom Coach

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About Us

Do you struggle with food? Constantly think about what you have eaten? Or find yourself stress-eating? Your struggle with food can and will end. Learn to step of the dieting merry-go-around and make peace with food.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • Do you lack trust and feel out of control around food?
  • Are you sick of trying so hard to be 'good'?
  • Has your emotional eating gotten the better of you?
  • You know you need to do something, but you're over dieting? 
  • Are you confused about how to eat "healthy"?
  • Would you like to change but need some guidance?

Your Struggle With Food Can And Will End

Learn To Step Of The Dieting Merry-Go-Around And Make Peace With Food

Make Peace With Food

Intuitive Eating can help you become the expert on your own body and what it needs to eat in a relaxed and calm way. Intuitive Eating is not a diet plan – diets don’t work and food is not the enemy. Intuitive Eating is a way of life designed to help you tune into what food your body needs and wants and to have it without guilt or shame.

Overeating or binge eating may often be triggered by your emotions, rather than physical hunger. Intuitive Eating helps you understand the difference between physical and emotional cues of hunger and supports you to nourish yourself in pleasurable and satisfying ways. Learning your body’s unique signals and to give it what it needs physically and emotionally is at the heart of the Intuitive Eating approach.

As a Food Freedom Coach, I support you to develop body wisdom and confidence through mindfulness and self-compassion. You will learn about your own negative beliefs and self-sabotage. I support you to develop the skills, knowledge and awareness to love yourself and your body every day, not just on your good days.

Intuitive Eating means stepping off the dieting merry-go-around and learning to trust and love yourself and food again. Intuitive Eating gives you the freedom to say goodbye to diets and body shame forever.

As an Intuitive Eater you will:

  • Learn to respond to your natural signals of hunger and fullness
  • Be able to incorporate ALL foods into a healthy diet, without worry of overeating
  • Manage your emotions without using food to cope
  • Trust your body signals to tell you what, when, and how to eat
  • Eat for satiety, wellbeing, and zest
  • Accept your body - unconditionally!

Quick Facts About The Region

Amanda Bos - Food Freedom Coach is located in the suburb of Coffs Harbour, the council of Coffs Harbour and the federal electorate of Cowper.