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About Us

Macleay Options is a not-for-profit community-based organisation which also provides in house support services for adults with a disability. We are registered with the NSW Department of Fair Trading as an Incorporated Association with unrestricted membership. Macleay Options operates within the provisions of the Commonwealth and NSW Disability Service Acts and their associated Disability Service Standards, as well as stringent Quality Assurance processes. The basis of all our policies is to have maximum consultation with and input from all stakeholders, in particular our service employees, clients and their families or guardians. We are committed to: Working with employees and clients in a professional and courteous manner; Acting in the interests of our employees and clients with honesty, integrity, fairness and goodwill; Respecting the rights of employees and clients to exercise control over their own lives according to their own values and preferences; Treating all people as equals and upholding legal and human rights; Ensuring that the services of Macleay Options are accessible to all who need them; Ensuring that employees and clients are provided with appropriate services to enable them to achieve reasonable and valuable personal goals; Ensuring that employees and clients are safe and feel secure, while recognising dignity of risk; Working co-operatively with carers, family and appropriate agencies to further the welfare of our employees and clients; Recognising the importance of developing meaningful personal relationships; Maintaining the confidentiality of information imparted to us and not using that information for improper purposes; Demonstrating impartiality in decision-making and accountability to our employees and clients and the community we serve. Membership of the Macleay Options Incorporated Association We welcome anyone who is interested in helping us with our vital work for the community to Get Involved with Macleay Options.

Quick Facts About The Region

Macleay Options is located in the suburb of Kempsey, the council of Kempsey and the federal electorate of Cowper.