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About Us

Vision, Mission and Values

Kapital Care are committed to excellence in providing compassionate personalised care,

  • RESPECT: We believe that all people should be treated with consideration and dignity.
  • CARING: Committed to providing support with empathy and compassion.
  • TEAM WORK: We are committed to effective relationships between staff, clients with their families and carers and seek opportunities to form alliances with others in the community.
  • INTREGRITY: We are committed to act in an ethical honest manner.
  • EMPOWERMENT: Realising individual strengths that promote personal and community transformation.

Kapital Care PTY LTD was formed by two local Canberra women who have both been in the industry for many years and wanted to make a difference. Kapital Care offers a support service to assist our local community, Mel has 2 children with disabilities and challenging behaviours and wanted to be able to offer more family style care support for other families. Whether it be aged care, mental health or disability supports, it can be very daunting to bring another person into your home and care for your loved one. If you know of someone who needs support, or need NDIS services please feel free to call or email as we are all too happy to see if we are able to tailor supports to suit your needs.

Services Kapital Care provide are

Aged Care supports
Palliative Supports
Mental Health Supports
Disability Supports
NDIS supports

Kapital Care provides quality care and support to our older people and young  people with disabilities, mental health and aged care support as well as their families and carers.

At all times Kapital Care will strive to achieve excellence in support and care practices, Kapital Care commit ourselves to treating our clientele with respect and dignity, and providing them with emotional and psychosocial support to assist and maintain quality of life.

Kapital Care assist in providing managed care so that our clients are supported at home or in the community as a part of their family unit or community group.

Kapital Care provide high quality and skilled care to enable our clients to feel supported and encouraged to achieve his or her fullest potential by providing individual programs and supports.

Kapital Care ensure that our clients and their families who receive our care services and supports are entitled to their rights, privacy, respect and dignity.

Kapital Care provide in home support, social support, access to the community, sleepovers/wake overs, respite, domestic assistance, personal care, medications assistance, bowel care, welfare checks, 24 hour on call emergency support, meal assistance, transport and any other support needs that you may have can be tailored to suit your support needs.

Quick Facts About The Region

Kapital Care Queanbeyan is located in the suburb of Queanbeyan, the council of Queanbeyan-palerang and the federal electorate of Eden-monaro.