General Support Services & Counselling

About Us

Restful Waters is a provider of professional counselling services to individuals, couples and families in our community. Our counsellors are skilled communicators who can assist you in uncovering the obstacles in the way of your happiness and provide supports for navigating life’s challenges or addressing specific issues.

Our counselling style is therapeutic, friendly and understanding. We listen compassionately and provide a safe and peaceful environment for you to express and explore areas causing tension and distress in your life.

Our approach is one of deep empathy and great respect and will support you in addressing any challenging issues being faced, while our focus can assist you in clarifying your goals and direction.

We offer a therapeutic environment where we share confidentiality and trust, giving you the space to unwind, go within and release any burdens that are weighing on you, leaving you feeling better equipped, clear and connected. Restful Waters’ counsellors are professionally qualified and have each undertaken many years of self-inquiry practices and group psychotherapy work before moving into the role of helping others.

We are here to help you find happiness through gaining awareness and clarity which will ultimately help you live more mindfully and develop healthier relationships with yourself and others.

Quick Facts About The Region

Restful Waters is located in the suburb of Bedfordale, the council of Armadale and the federal electorate of Canning.