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About Us

NDIS Support and Services

Lifebridge Australia is a registered NDIS specialist for people with an intellectual and or physical disability that affects their ability to take part in everyday activities.  Our NDIS Support Services are available for those aged under 65 years and are an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

We have been supporting people in our community for over 30 years and offer a diverse range of services that are focused on four key deliverables –  independence and inclusion, empowered life choices, tailored development and individual support and personal discovery.

Our approach places you in control and we will work with you to develop a plan that maximises your supports under the NDIS and allows you to achieve your goals. At Lifebridge, you will join a growing community that is inclusive, supportive and welcoming to everyone.  Visit our website to find an activity that is just right for you.

Aged Care Support and Services

Our Aged Care Support Services are tailored to you because we understand that everyone ages differently.  Each person’s personal circumstances, living and lifestyle factors are truly unique and are important considerations when designing your care.  We consider your needs, interests and goals and when the time is right for you, formulate a plan for your care that meets your needs and those of your family or carer.

At Lifebridge, we offer a tailored range of activities that are designed around your life experiences and interests. Each service is designed to provide engagement and purpose as well as strengthen your sense of value.  Our Aged Care services offer one-on-one support, group and community activities and provide you with the opportunity to develop friendships with like-minded individuals and the chance to share in great memories.

Lifebridge Hubs

Move to the Groove Dance Program

Quick Facts About The Region

LIFEBRIDGE AUSTRALIA LTD is located in the suburb of Coolangatta, the division of Division 14 in the council of Gold Coast, the state electorate of Currumbin and the federal electorate of Mcpherson.