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About Us

dNet – People Like Us is utilising the advances in technology to empower and enable volunteers (‘dNetters’ & ‘dNetworkers’ ) to provide the dNet website and services in a totally online organisational environment.

Our Purpose

dNet – People Like Us has two main purposes:

  1. to empower people like us, Australians living with depression and our families and friends, to make informed choices and find solutions to the challenges of living with depression; and

  2. to empower people who have benefited from the dNet website and services in the past (‘dNetters’), to work together to provide the new dNet website and services for other people like us and experience the many benefits involved.

Our key objectives

  1. Provide the most comprehensive 24 hour online peer based resource for Information, Help and Support for Australians living with depression;

  2. Create a safe & secure online organisational environment enabling / empowering people like us from throughout Australia to contribute to the provision of the dNet website and services;

  3. Develop & implement a formal online training, development & support program to improve the skills, confidence and mental health of dNetters through contributing to all aspects of dNet.