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About Us

Grief and Loss counselling isn't just about coping with the loss of a loved one, this tends to be the first thing one thinks about when they hear someone say you are grieving.  Any thing you hold dear is going to cause you to feel a sense of grief when it is lost, for example, a change in job especially if it isn't of your choosing, or a medical event that causes big changes in  your life, you are going to grieve for your "normal".

Another example is as a caregiver, you will grieve for the life you thought you would have and the life you thought your loved one would have.  I have personal experience with this as a caregiver for my child with Epilepsy, once I took the time to grieve, I found I really turned a corner in being able to cope with her situation and mine in a much more productive manner. 

I can help you to cope with the change you are experiencing, dealing with the heavy emotions that you are carrying around, providing you with a safe sacred space to explore what a new normal may look like for you. 

Quick Facts About The Region

Nicole Ivens Holistic Counselling is located in the suburb of Robina, the division of Division 11 in the council of Gold Coast, the state electorate of Mermaid Beach and the federal electorate of Mcpherson.