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ECKANKAR - The Path of Spiritual Freedom

ECKANKAR - The Path of Spiritual Freedom


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About Us

Join people of all walks of life to experience spiritual growth and fellowship, enrich your spiritual life, and explore ways to find more love, understanding and spiritual freedom.

  • Visit for details in future of Meetup Spiritual experiences discussions;
  • Go to and download the HU App. HU is used as a non-directed mantra, usually able to raise our consciousness to help us deal with the issues and challenges, common in all lives.
  • Call now for a FREE Spiritual Wisdom book on one of the topics in bold below, as well as on Spiritual Freedom, Relationships, Meditation, Life After Death, Soul Travel, Health and Healing: Jill 0404 449 753

Eckankar the Path of Spiritual Freedom encourages us to use our Inner Guidance to help us in numerous ways: it gives us greater understanding of our Purpose in life, what part Karma and Reincarnation play, how to Overcome Fear, Solve Problems and gain insights for our daily life from our Dreams.

In future, there will be more information on upcoming events on the Queensland website:  and  and