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About Us

PACT is a community based, non-government organisation which has a specific mandate through the Child Witness Support Program (CWSP) to respond to the special needs of children and young people aged 3-17 years (and their non-offending family members) who are victims or witnesses within the Criminal Justice System.  PACT is a service provider and has a broader role as an advocate for child witnesses, across all areas of Government and the community.PACT is recognised as one of the peak non-government boides in Queensland working in the field of child protection and advocating on the behalf of children and young people. The CWSP provides support for the child witness called upon to testify within the court system, by the the use of carefully selected and trained Child Witness Support Volunteers.

Quick Facts About The Region

Protect All Children Today (PACT) is located in the suburb of Brisbane City, the ward of Central in the council of Brisbane, the state electorate of Mcconnel and the federal electorate of Brisbane.