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We support individuals and groups working towards a more positive future by providing them with the knowledge and skills they need to understand change processes, work with communities effectively, and to strategically manage initiatives.

Who do we work with?

The Centre works with a very diverse range of people, both locally and internationally, including:

  • Not-for-profit organisations and social enterprises working to create positive social, economic and environmental change
  • Community groups and leaders seeking new ways to engage people around a specific social or environmental cause
  • Government agencies planning to engage local communities in dialogue, planning and evaluation activities
  • Businesses interested in finding new ways to work more sustainably and ethically with communities

We are not aligned with any political parties nor do we receive government funding. This enables us to engage with a much broader sector of society and to stay true to our values and principles.

The services we offer range from training and consulting, to partnering on action research projects and holding events designed to challenge thinking and inspire action. The range of services we offer are described in more detail below.


We offer a wide range of training workshops which are either open to the general public, or tailored to the needs of a specific organisation. The topics covered in workshops are diverse, but generally fall under the three main themes of Engaging Communities; Strengthening Local Economies; and Understanding Social Change.

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Engaging Communities:

Our Engaging Communities Training Packages draw on a range of community development and community organising approaches to challenge participants to become more strategic, creative and effective in their work with communities. While most of the training is focussed on theories and techniques, there is also a strong emphasis on the practical elements of working in this area, such as project management, working with volunteers and fieldwork preparation.

Strengthening Local Economies:

Our focus in the Strengthening Local Economies Training Packages is to introduce participants to a range of approaches to livelihood development, poverty alleviation and local economic development. With both an international and Australian focus, there is a strong emphasis on rethinking the economy in terms of how we produce, consume and exchange goods and services to support our livelihoods.

Understanding Social Change:

In this training series, participants are asked to engage with the latest thinking around social change to explore how they can work strategically with the resources and power they have available to them to facilitate positive change.

For a list of upcoming training workshops, visit our Training Calendar.

Mentoring and Coaching

To complement our training programs, we also offer one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions for community development workers, activists, university students, social entrepreneurs, and other individuals working to create positive social change.

Consulting and Facilitation

We draw on a network of consultants and in-house expertise to provide advice and assistance to groups on all parts of the project cycle: strategy development; planning and design; critical reflection and creative problem solving; and evaluating impact.

Our consultants have expertise in a range of areas including: participatory planning and consultation; sustainable livelihood and local economic development; strengths-based approaches to development; gender and development; and community-based natural resource management.

Action Research

We partner with other organisations to research and implement innovative projects designed to support livelihoods in ethical and environmentally sustainable ways. For more information on our latest projects, clickhere

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Maureen Balaba in an action research project in the Philippines



One of our core objectives at the Centre for Social Change is to facilitate innovation by inspiring, educating and strengthening networks of change makers. To this end the Centre hosts regular events, including film nights, presentations, discussion groups, and writing groups. For more information on upcoming events, visit our Events Calendar.

Space for Hire

Located centrally in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley, the Centre for Social Change offers desk space, training rooms and meeting spaces for hire to people working to make the world a better place to live for everyone. For more information, visit our Venue Hire Page.

Online Resources

We contribute to a range of online discussions and debates through our blogs and articles, Twitter Feed,Facebook Page, and monthly newsletter. If you would like to subscribe to our mailing list, click here.


For more information on our philosophy and approach, please click here

Quick Facts About The Region

Centre for Social Change is located in the suburb of Fortitude Valley, the ward of Central in the council of Brisbane, the state electorate of Mcconnel and the federal electorate of Brisbane.