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Brain Tumour Support Group

Brain Tumour Support Group

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About Us

The Brain Tumour Support Group is a diverse group of people diagnosed with or who have had surgery on a brain tumour. The group is also for those who, whilst not having the tumour, are caring for someone who does. The group provides a quiet, friendly, comfortable, sociable environment where we can exchange our personal stories, concerns, useful information and discuss insights for living with brain tumours and their aftermath. These gatherings are not doom and gloom. Far from it, over a hot cuppa and a biscuit much humour, laughter and empathetic contact is made with individuals, their friends and those who care about them. Newcomers are not pressured in any way. You can just sit back and listen until you feel ready to join the discussion. The group meets on the first Wednesday of every month.

Quick Facts About The Region

Brain Tumour Support Group is located in the suburb of Upper Mount Gravatt, the ward of Macgregor in the council of Brisbane, the state electorate of Mansfield and the federal electorate of Bonner.
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Brain Tumour Support Group provides its services from the following locations: