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Queensland Orchid Society Incorporated

Queensland Orchid Society Incorporated

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About Us

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Welcome to The Queensland Orchid Society Inc.

We would like to welcome you and the whole world with an interactive platform that is serving not only as a communal blog for amassing tips, ideas and findings, but also as the ongoing embodiment of a fully functioning (horticultural) society and community organization with specific goals and missions towards culturing, promoting and preserving orchids in all their diversity.

Everyone is Welcome! The Queensland Orchid Society is available for joining by all and sundry from anywhere in Queensland, anywhere in Australia, and any country in the world.

The Society welcomes potential members to come to the general meetings as our guests, and advises those wishing to join us that subscription fees (in Australian Dollar) are:

$20 for a single, $25 for a family from 1st January

$10 for a single, $12.50 for a family from 1st July

Other Orchid Societies interested in affiliating with us are advised that Society Affiliation is $30 payable on the 1st January each year.

Payment is by cash or cheque to The Queensland Orchid Society Inc.

PO Box 126
Browns Plains BC
QLD 4118

The Society holds meeting on every second Monday of each month (excluding January and December) in the Red Hill Community Sports Centre.

Committee Meeting and General Meeting commence at 6pm and 8pm respectively.

Society Objectives

  • To promote good fellowship among all people interested in orchid culture and in horticulture generally;
  • To further the knowledge and advancement of all that pertains to orchids particularly their natural history, cultivation and hybridisation and the dissemination of such knowledge;
  • To carry out research and educational activities into all aspects of orchidaceae;
  • To assist Governments in preventing destruction of our native flora and to conserve by cultivation, species threatened by land development;
  • To operate and maintain a judging system that complies with the AOC judging standards.

Queensland Orchid Society

Quick Facts About The Region

Queensland Orchid Society Incorporated is located in the suburb of Red Hill, the ward of Paddington in the council of Brisbane, the state electorate of Cooper and the federal electorate of Brisbane.