Adult Health Services

About Us

We offer a range of services with the aim of achieving a healthy mind, body and soul.

Healthy Body

Our diet and exercise programs use a whole body approach and are tailored to help you to become active, lose unneeded weight, and live a life less prone to illness and diseases.


Healthy Mind

To achieve our health and lifestyle goals, a healthy and well-trained mind is an important asset. We provide expert advice to live a mindful life, free from stress and anxiety.


Building relationships

Maintaining positive relationships with our family, friends and society is rewarding. We provide guidance to nurture relationships, not only with people but also our world.


Career coaching

Our work has a huge impact on our day-to-day life. Learn strategies to cope with stress, achieve goals, build skills and have a successful and fulfilling career.

Quick Facts About The Region

SMBHealth is located in the suburb of East Brisbane, the ward of The Gabba in the council of Brisbane, the state electorate of South Brisbane and the federal electorate of Griffith.