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General Health Services

Woolloogabba Oral Health Centre

Metro South Hospital and Health Service

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About Us

Queensland Health offer Public Sector Oral Health Services through a Statewide network of Dental Clinics. The services provided are subject to the clinical judgement of the Dentist based on the assessment of each individual. To be eligible a person must be a Queensland resident and a holder of one of the following cards - Pensioner Concession Card, Health Care Card or Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, School Oral Health Service, Veteran Affairs, Prison I.D. or other Eg. Statewards. The range of services available varies from clinic to clinic and may include diagnostics, scaling and cleaning, restoration, simple extractions, dentures and emergency palliative care.

Free Oral Health Care for the eligible Metro South Community:

  • Currently for all children’s oral health services (emergency and general appointments) parents need to telephone the call centre for an appointment 1300 300 850.
  • Eligibility for children.
  • ALL students 4 years of age through to year 10
  • Students in years 11 & 12 - who have a current Centrelink Card, Healthcare Card or Pension Card
  • 0-3 year olds - whose parents have a current Centrelink Card, Healthcare Card or Pension Card
  • 2 - 17 year olds, who are eligible for the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS). To check your eligibility visit the website at or phone 132011
  • Currently for adult services, patients with emergencies to telephone the call centre 1300 300 850, and for general appointments to call the individual adult clinics – numbers and clinic locations are on the web site.

Eligibility for Adults:

  • Pensioner Concession Card (PCC) issued by the Department of Veteran's Affairs (DVA)
  • Pension Concession Card (PCC) issued by Centrelink
  • Health Care Card (HCC)
  • Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (CSC)
  • Queensland Seniors Card (QSC)

Thank you for assisting us to provide care for your families and school community.

Quick Facts About The Region

Woolloogabba Oral Health Centre is located in the suburb of Woolloongabba, the ward of The Gabba in the council of Brisbane, the state electorate of South Brisbane and the federal electorate of Griffith.
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Extra Information

Disabled access This location has disabled access

Accessible By Approved service users

Access Fee No fee

Age Ranges All ages


Metro South Hospital and Health Service provides its services from the following locations: