General Accommodation Services

About Us

RentConnect assists low to moderate income earners find, inspect and apply for a rental home. RentConnect can help people who are able to manage a tenancy but who are struggling to access the rental market due to barriers such as: • Limited rental history • Lack of skills, knowledge or understanding of how the private rental market works • A lack of documents required for private rental applications. RentConnect officers work with people to identify what type of assistance they may need. They can: • advise how to find a rental home • help people to understand the rental application process • help prepare a rental application. RentConnect officers can also give information about financial assistance available through the department such as bond loans and rental grants and may also put people in contact with local real estate agents and providers of community services.

Quick Facts About The Region

Rent Connect is located in the suburb of Toowoomba City, the customer service centre of Toowoomba in the council of Toowoomba Region, the state electorate of Toowoomba North and the federal electorate of Groom.