General Disability Services

About Us

Who can receive help
from Excelcare?
We assist people to maintain their
independence. You may be able to receive help:
• If you are getting a bit older now and need
help with some of the things you used to be
able to do for yourself;
• If you have a disability that makes it harder
for you to do things for yourself;
• If you care for someone else and you need
a break;
• If you have a mental illness and you need
help to regain some of your skills or to
develop new skills;
• If you are a child with a disability and you or
your family need some help; or
• If you are in the care of Child Safety Services.

Quick Facts About The Region

Bundaberg is located in the suburb of Bundaberg South, the council of Bundaberg, the state electorate of Bundaberg and the federal electorate of Hinkler.