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General Advocacy Services

Australian Pensioners and Superannuants League - Palm Beach

Australian Pensioners' & Superannuants' League

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About Us

Australian Pensioners and Superannuants League (APSL) serves as a voice at state and local levels for all people who depend for their living on a pension or a superannuation payment. The APSL speaks on all issues of importance to the security, wellbeing and dignity of such individuals. This is an advocacy, referral and information service and an organisation that also acts as a lobby group. There are over 80 branches throughout Queensland that meet on a regular basis for various activities. Activities and fees are determined by each branch.

Quick Facts About The Region

Australian Pensioners and Superannuants League - Palm Beach is located in the suburb of Palm Beach, the division of Division 13 in the council of Gold Coast, the state electorate of Burleigh and the federal electorate of Mcpherson.
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Extra Information

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Australian Pensioners' & Superannuants' League provides its services from the following locations: