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City of Gold Coast - Karp Court, Bundall

City of Gold Coast

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About Us

Disasters have a council and community wide significance. Under the Queensland Disaster Management Act 2003, the City of Gold Coast (City) is responsible for coordinating the response and recovery efforts before, during and following a disaster event.

This capability is delivered by the Local Disaster Coordination Centre (LDCC) team. The LDCC team undertakes this legislated function as part of the Queensland Disaster Management Arrangements (QDMA).

QDMA is a whole-of-government disaster management arrangements based upon partnerships between government, government-owned corporations, non-government organisations (NGOs), commerce and industry sectors and the local community. These arrangements provide an effective response capability to minimise the impacts of a disaster on our community.

Various coordination systems and operational plans are developed and reviewed each year to ensure efficient and effective processes and response capabilities. The City also has a fully operational Local Disaster Coordination Centre which the LDCC team operates.?

The City of Gold Coast Disaster Management Unit is a small team that delivers capabilities aligned with the four pillars of Disaster Management - Prevention, Preparedness, Response and Recovery.

This unit supports the City’s Local Disaster Management Group by working collaboratively with a number of key emergency service stakeholders to develop partnerships and disaster plans that build and maintain effective and capable networks that support the city and the community during disaster events.

Core services

  • Support and facilitate the objectives of the Local Disaster Management Group
  • Ensure continued compliance with Disaster Management legislation (Qld Disaster Management Act 2003)
  • Provide the necessary capacity and capability for disaster prevention, preparedness, response and recovery across the entire city
  • Reduce residents and visitors vulnerability via the dissemination of disaster warnings and advices
  • Disaster Management exercises and training for key emergency service stakeholders and the LDCC team
  • Community disaster education and awareness
  • Community engagement and disaster resilience activities
  • Development of disaster management agreements with agencies and local entities
  • Management of the LDCC, systems and LDCC team
  • Operational support for the city’s State Emergency Services (SES)


Quick Facts About The Region

City of Gold Coast - Karp Court, Bundall is located in the suburb of Bundall, the division of Division 7 in the council of Gold Coast, the state electorate of Southport and the federal electorate of Moncrieff.