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About Us

Suicide Programs was specifically initiated to help reduce the stigma around mental health and lessen the suicide rates in Australia; founded by Sandra Willie, a qualified counsellor with extensive experience in the mental health sector as a case worker, trainer of crisis workers, college educator and program developer. The CEO of Suicide Programs experienced the loss of loved ones to suicide within the family and this became the driving force and passion to help others to prevent and minimise this type of tragic loss in their own circle of family and friends.

Our company provides professionally accredited and evidence programs that have proven to be effective in reducing the stigma of mental health and to contribute to the reduction of suicide rates in Australia. Our company prizes responsibility, integrity and professionalism. Our suite of programs are safely delivered on time and within budget constraints to meet today’s funding challenges.

Our hand-picked staff include the most experienced consultants, trainers and support staff who bring together an unmatched level of expertise to each training presentation. Trainers understand cultural differences and the complexities of inclusion and transparency and are completely committed to achieving maximum results. Training is delivered by our team of high performing seasoned professionals with intense energy and a clear focus on the intended message to consistently produced higher results for participants. Individual profiles are highlighted on our home page

We are excited to bring ‘Lifelines Trilogy’ to Australian schools; the age appropriate suicide prevention training programs specifically developed for school communities for Grades 5-6, 7-10 and 11-12. Extensive research of established programs for schools revealed the pitfalls and highlighted the importance of a holistic approach to ensure the whole school community is informed and involved with a common united goal to achieve a suicide safer environment for our youth. The clinical director of the Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide developed ‘Lifelines Trilogy’ as a result of concerning rates of suicide in New Jersey in the US. Over a three-year period, the number of hospitalisations due to suicide ideation was reduced from 23 to 1. This program based on help seeking behaviours, has recently been reviewed and updated, and now incorporates curriculum for grades 5 to 12. We have delivered this program over the last two years in various locations around Australia and the feedback commonly states a significant increase in referrals which is a clear indication of its effectiveness. Further details about the content of this program is available at this link:

We are particularly excited about the new 1 day suicide intervention program titled CALM. Losing someone to suicide is a tragedy that is preventable with the right skills and tools. This workshops will help you recognise the subtle warning signs that are often missed, and how to open up a conversation in a comfortable and safe manner. This is an evidence-based program, informed by lived experience with a focus on what language to use to achieve a positive outcome. At this 1 day training event, you will also be given access to the ‘Be Calm’, conversations App that you can use during an intervention and ‘on the spot’ at short notice to support the person you are working with. The person you are assisting will have access to the ‘Be Safe App’ that will document their safety plan, and is accessible to them when they need it most or when they are feeling upset or stressed. More details about this progressive program can be found at this link: 

Quick Facts About The Region

Suicide Programs is located in the suburb of Spring Hill, the ward of Central in the council of Brisbane, the state electorate of Mcconnel and the federal electorate of Brisbane.