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About Us

The Chin Community in Queensland inc. is a not for profit making organization that was established in Logan since 2008 by the Chin refugees those who are resettled from the Union of Burma to provide support and representation for ethnically diverse Chin people. Our objectives and aims are to build a unified society, promote Chin culture, tradition, costumes and literature and ensure that Australia's culture diversity is maintained and enhanced through peaceful co-existence, particularly those who have settled from the Union of Burma. The organization assists to enhance the quality of life for Queenslander Chin refugees by advocating and facilitating in relation to the issues and concerns of the Chin community members.

The Chin Community in Queensland Inc. facilitates community cohesion and social inclusion through a variety of activities that aim to preserve and promote Chin’s culture, tradition, literature and costumes. The Chin refugee volunteers assist with social events like Chin National Day, Chin Harvest festival for the whole community, encouraging cultural awareness, actively participation in community activities and providing networking and support opportunities for Chin refugees those who live in Queensland.

Each year the Chin National Day and Chin Harvest festival celebration highlights: singing, dancing, cooking, displaying arts and crafts, share the religious intolerance of each belief to exchange the culture and create the harmony in new society and learning the way of life in Australia.

Media Contact person:

Niung Hlawnching


Mobile: 0469238387


Quick Facts About The Region

Chin Community in Queensland Inc - Marsden is located in the suburb of Marsden, the council of Logan, the state electorate of Woodridge and the federal electorate of Rankin.