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"KIND" This is the quality and effect of Tissue Salts.

Our body can only be healthy if our cells are healthy and therefore a sufficient supply of minerals in our cells are needed.


indicates a disturbed cell-life!


Do you suffer from:

- always tired, puffy eyes, fatigue, not sleeping well, not rested in the morning, acidity and digestive problems, bloating, asthma, bronchitis, coughs, brittle weak nails, thin greasy hair, cold hands or feet, runny nose, often flu, cracked heels, stretch marks, flabby skin, dry skin, impure skin (pimples, acne, blackheads), headaches, migraines, menstruation issues, prostate problems, spider burst vessels or varicose veins, etc.?

A facial screening will tell you which minerals you are missing- the blood count can't!

IBH tissue salts powder can:

1. correct mineral imbalances in the body to restore health and wellbeing;

2. stimulate healthy cellular functioning;

3. be used to aid the body during recovery from illness and chronic disease.

What can you do today to regain your health?


Dr. Schuessler (1828-1898), an eminent German physician, discovered that when the human cell is reduce to ashes, it exhibits 12 basic inorganic minerals plus carbon and nitrogen. he named this system "Biochemistry".

With continuing research, the Biochemical Associations in Europe discovered that the human body contains at least another 15 Tissue Salts/Minerals.

For Dr. Schuessler the word "illness" meant that the human cells were unable to absorb the minerals in the food that was eaten, which inevitably leads to a disturbed metabolism.

What are Tissue Salts?

Also called cell salts or biochemic salts, tissue salts are minerals, the same minerals that are found in the earth's rocks and soil. The minerals are in an inorganic form, which is triturated into a consistency that can be absorbed and utilized by the body. 

Once absorbed, these tissue salts are responsible for the construction of our body cells, the metabolism, an intact immune system, the power of regeneration and detoxification and many more tasks; and should be present in our bodies in sufficient quantities, which is the prerequisite for complete health and wellbeing (i.e. a disease free body).

Why take Tissue Salts?

Tissue salts are called "the building bricks of life". Where tissue salts are lacking, the structural and functional ability of cells are compromised, and the tissue/organ will become dysfunctional and disease may result. 

Take tissue salts when you are running out of energy or feeling tired and run-down, when you have a splitting headache or when you have eaten something that doesn't agree with you. You will almost immediately feel the benefits.

Take tissue salts at the start of illness, to quickly correct imbalances in the body and so restore health. Tissue salts stimulate healthy cellular functioning and thus can be used to aid the body during recovery from illness and chronic disease. Tissue salts work with the cause, not the symptoms.

Tissue salts restores elasticity to the skin, prevents chronic colds and flu, restores brittle and weak nails and hair, relieves all kinds of pain, aids in digestion of food and prevents or stops heartburn, regulates menstruation cycles, and many more...

Take tissue salts for health - and get a free face lift!

Who can use Tissue salts?

As tissue salts are substances of the earth and occur naturally in the body, they are non-toxic and can safely be used by the whole family, including and especially pregnant women, infants, babies and pets. Tissue salts do not interfere with, or counteract and other medication or treatment, in fact it supports the body to better absorb the medication and brings forth better results. 

How do you take Tissue Salts?

IBH tissue salts are unique as they are in powder form, thus more easily absorbable (no tablet binding agent present).

Tissue salts powder is normally taken orally (i.e. directly into the mouth), as the absorbing of the active ingredients (i.e. minerals) happens through the laryngeal mucous membranes of the mouth. However, your qualified practitioner will advise you on the best way to take the tissue salts powder, as special cases do exist (e.g. diabetics).

NOTE: IBH Tissue Salts does not make any diagnoses nor does it treat any symptoms. It is not a substitute for any medical attention that may be necessary.


INTEGRATED BODYWORK is a process that aims to:

  1. enhance the body’s natural healing ability;
  2. encourage the body’s natural ability to reverse the factors which lead to the unnaturally tight muscle and postural distortion commonly associated with a variety of pains and dysfunctions.

INTEGRATED BODYWORK does not make any diagnoses nor does it treat any symptoms.  It is not a substitute for any medical attention that may be necessary.

Consider this: are you aware right now of the pressure of your watchstrap or shoes or belt?

Chances are that you will be now, now that your attention has been drawn to these sensations.

Normally the brain will screen out these constant but significant stimuli (like ignoring a door bell or the telephone ringing) – and thank goodness, otherwise you might be aware of so many tiny sensory distractions that you would not be able to function efficiently.  Imagine trying to study if your brain didn’t switch off the sound of the ticking clock, the neighbour’s dog or the traffic!

Now if your watchstrap were to be slowly tightenend, say 1 % over a week, the brain is likely to continue to ignore such a  s l o w l y  increasing compression …

If this compression slowly and continuously increased, over time there would be some degree of bruising (inflammation) on the wrist, and eventually some wear and tear, tissue damage, etc.  While this is happening, it is possible that there is no pain or discomfort, as if the brain has turned down that constantly ringing nuisance distracting doorbell”.

If you apply this simplistic example to the slowly increasing pressure on areas of the spine, caused for example by sitting for long hours, you will have some idea of what hidden distress occurs in the body.  This may help to explain the ”shutdown” or “blockage” phenomena that Integrated Bodywork helps to overcome.

The spinal cord and the nervous system can be understood as the means for the brain to receive information from all parts of the body, as well as to regulate the body.  The brain has the capacity to maintain the body in a state of health or wellness as long as it receives accurate information from all parts of the body.  Any “blockages”, “inhibition”, “shutdown” or “distortion” of this information is likely to result in various levels of abnormal behaviour in the body.

Very simple, our bodies have a skeleton held together by muscle.  Muscle joins bone to bone. If the muscle is chronically tight – not able to relax sufficiently or to its full potential because there is some degree of shutdown of brain/body communication, this muscle will be constantly pulling bone towards bone, causing compression of various tissues, with resulting inflammation and wear and tear.

The spine, and especially the lower back, is prone to a slow build-up of excessive tightness and compression, often leading to the ”disc degeneration” or “disc narrowing” which is commonly associated with “pinched nerves”, “slipped discs”, “sciatica” and various other aches, pains and dysfunctions.

This body state is generally misunderstood to be a natural result of the “aging process”, with underlying distress of tissues such as the vertebral discs regarded as “normal wear and tear” ………

The causes of “shutdown” or “blockage” are most often common and ordinary: injury, sitting badly, stressful exercise, lifting heavy objects incorrectly, diet, medication and various emotional factors can all contribute to the aches, pains, dysfunction and general unwellness that we all experience to some extent.

Integrated Bodywork identifies the areas where “shutdown” or “blockages” occurs, and by means of a light physical stimulus, will help the brain to recognize more precisely the status of various parts of the body of which it has not been fully and accurately aware.

The results of Integrated Bodywork are often immediate and dramatic, with almost instant relief of a number of uncomfortable or painful symptoms.  Chronic pain or conditions can take time to improve.  The real benefit of this technique however, will be experienced with regular work over a period of time, as blocked natural functions and dynamics of the body gradually and steadily improve.

There may be occasions when, as “shutdown” areas of the body benefit by improved connumication with the brain, that the client will experience short periods of pain, often in places of which they were previously unaware.  This is a natural part of the healing process and will pass, leaving the body more comfortable, more flexible and generally functioning better.

Integrated Bodywork is effective despite the fact that it does not diagnose or treat symptoms, but rather relies on an accurate reading of the subtle energy of the body in order to locate and reduce “blockages”.  This allows the body’s natural healing ability to operate more efficiently.

Consider that nerve impulses are like tiny electric currents running through the body, and like any electrical current will generate and electromagnetic field. Integrated Bodywork Practitioners are able, on an unconscious level, to detect various irregularities in this field, through their own bodies.  This subtle information then needs to be made conscious.

The Integrated Bodywork Practitioner is trained to use a pendulum for this purpose.  The pendulum is nothing more than an inert weight on a string, activated by subtle muscular responses in the practitioner’s own body, which indicate when the practitioner has located blockages in the client’s body.

The use of a pendulum in this context is in no way whatsoever linked to any religious or occult belief system!

Integrated Bodywork can benefit people of all ages, including small babies and the elderly.

Integrated Bodywork sessions are conducted with the client fully clothed.  Loose clothing will make work easier for the practitioner and more comfortable for the client, who may be asked to remove bulky belts, collars or jewelry.




Quick Facts About The Region

Integrated Body & Health is located in the suburb of Mareeba, the council of Mareeba, the state electorate of Cook and the federal electorate of Kennedy.