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Queensland Koala Crusaders Inc.

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About Us

Queensland Koala Crusaders is an incorporated association dedicated to improving koala conservation outcomes.Its mission is to be “a voice for the koala”.The group’s formation came on the back of the Sunshine Coast Koala Summit 2012.Our main focus is to purchase to for the creation of a wildlife sanctuary in which to house koalas and other native wildlife not able to be released back to the wild but still in good health.


Foundation members were drawn from existing groups already operating in SEQ:  Koala Action Inc. (formerly known as Koala Action Pine Rivers), Moreton Bay Koala Rescue and Koala Diaries.Our founding members have a strong track record of action in respect to koala conservation activities.Our efforts include:


  • Assisting with the co-ordination of the “Save the Koala” rally in Brisbane in 2009 -  approximately 2000 people participated, including a strong contingent from the Sunshine Coast
  • Launching Koala Diaries’ “Project Location” Koala Sighting Census – established in 2010, this was a first in terms of integrating GIS technology with community engagement to record the occurrence of a single species in Queensland.
  • Conducting koala education and awareness workshops.
  • Undertaking guest speaker engagements with schools and community groups.
  • Producing an award-winning koala conservation documentary and supporting other multi-media endeavours, including koala feature stories on 60 Minutes, National Geographic (global issue) and the Discovery Channel.
  • Undertaking koala food tree planting.
  • Caring for orphaned koalas in our own homes.
  • Lobbying local, state and federal governments.
  • Working collaboratively with and as part of expert groups, including the Koala Research Network and the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital.
  • Organising and presenting the Sunshine Coast Koala Summit 2012.

To find out more, visit www.koalacrusaders.org.

Founding Members

Quick Facts About The Region

Queensland Koala Crusaders is located in the suburb of Noosaville, the council of Noosa, the state electorate of Noosa and the federal electorate of Wide Bay.