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Cunnamulla Aboriginal Corporation for Health (CACH)


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About Us

Cunnamulla Aboriginal Corporation for Health- CACH, is one of an increasing number across Australia of self-governing, independent, community-controlled Indigenous organizations providing primary health care services to Indigenous people. CACH has grown up out of the desire of local Indigenous people to take control of their own health and of how primary health care services are delivered to and within Indigenous communities in South West area of Queensland.

In line with the principle and practice of self-determination, the general membership of CACH has the mandate to determine the broad policies and procedures governing the operations of CACH. To this end, community gatherings of CACH members are held at least approximately 12 months to ensure that all members have the opportunity to participate in the review and updating of CACH governing policies and procedures.

The local Indigenous community with the mandate to manage CACH on their behalf entrusts a Governing Committee. At each year’s annual general meeting of members, a minimum of two new members are elected to the seven-member CACH Governing Committee. The new Governing Committee is thereafter delegated with the authority to undertake the executive management of CACH over the following two years.

In the course of executing its executive management responsibilities, the Members of the Governing Committee are guided by the general policies and procedures and constitution of CACH. The Members of the Governing Committee make executive management decisions through the process of interpreting how the general CACH policies and procedures apply in particular situ~tions under consideration by the Governing Committee.

In line with the CACH Constitution, while the general control of CACH is the responsibility of the CACH membership as a whole, the executive control of CACH is the responsibility of the elected Members of the Governing Committee. This means that specific executive management decisions taken by the Governing Committee should not ordinarily be subject to review by the CACH nembership at a general meeting. In other words, it is the general policies and procedures relating to a specific Governing Committee executive decision that are subject to review at any general meeting of members rather than specific executive decisions as such.

Quick Facts About The Region

Cunnamulla Aboriginal Corporation for Health (CACH) is located in the suburb of Cunnamulla, the council of Paroo, the state electorate of Warrego and the federal electorate of Maranoa.