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About Us

WAVSS offers free information, support and counselling for intimate partner violence, and domestic and family violence.  Responses to women and children are provided through an ‘open-door’ policy, immediate crisis response, risk assessment and safety planning, warm referrals, ongoing tracking, and practical supports; including counselling and therapeutic groups and court support. Responses to men and boys are facilitated through community mentoring, sporting partnerships and perpetrator intervention programs.  We provide a safe and caring environment, where information and options are provided and choices are supported without judgement.

WAVSS is a not-for profit, non-government organisation governed by a Board of Management.


WAVSS provides the following services:

Counselling for Women

Free individual counselling for women who have experienced domestic and family violence. Counselling can help you deal with the affects resulting from being in an abusive/violent relationship. It can also help you make decisions about what is best for you, including whether or not to stay with your partner and how to remain safe.

Counselling for Children

Free individual and family counselling for mothers and their children who have previously witnessed or lived with domestic and family violence. This can help children feel less sad and anxious about what has happened in their family and explore their emotions in a safe and supportive environment.

Groups for Women and Children

Free ongoing support groups to help women care for themselves, take control of their own lives and understand the cycle of domestic and family violence and its affects on themselves and their children. WAVSS also runs therapeutic groups for children who have witnessed or lived with domestic violence.

Support during a Crisis, Information and Referral

Experiencing a crisis can seem overwhelming. When abuse/violence is involved this can be particularly traumatic, often making it difficult to know where to start or to think clearly. We can help you work out what will help you the most by providing you with support, information and options.

We can also assist women who decide to leave their abusive/violent relationship by providing them with support and information about increasing their safety, refuges and Domestic Violence Protection Order (DVPO) applications. WAVSS staff can also assist with a variety of relevant referrals including; crisis accommodation, emergency relief monies and addressing practical issues.

Court Support

Skilled and experienced Court Support workers are available at the Cleveland and Wynnum Court to provide information and support to women applying for a Domestic Violence Protection Order (DVPO). This includes assistance with the writing of applications as we understand that it can be difficult to gather your thoughts when exposed to violence.