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About Us

Pets in Crisis is administered directly through DVConnect Womensline.

Women and sometimes men whose pets are in immediate threat or danger or whose pets have become victims of cruelty associated with domestic or family violence can speak with a counsellor at DVConnect Womensline 1800 811 811 about their concerns for their pets and we can assess and advise whether the pets can be offered a place with Pets in Crisis.

For women who need to stay in a refuge but are unable to find alternative care for their pets we can support them with a referral.


DVConnect counsellors will manage all arrangements; The animals will be fostered or cared for, until it is safe for the animal to return to the owner. There is a very small charge for this service. This may be reviewed in extenuating circumstances.For any pet lover whose animal is part of the family the thought of leaving them behind in an emergency is unthinkable!

 Why is Pets in Crisis vital?


For hundreds of Queensland pet lovers, the decision to leave their home is made all the more difficult when the need to leave is due to escalating or persistent domestic or family violence.

Sadly – hundreds of women, children and their beloved pets across Queensland are constrained in violent and fearful relationships because the fear and practical challenges of leaving are just too overwhelming.

To compound the challenge, places available in refuges for the victims of domestic and family violence are scarce, and in Queensland there are no safe houses or refuges that are able to accommodate companion animals

These already emotionally drained and often financially strapped women are torn between protecting themselves and their children and the increased risk that their dear pets will (if they are not already affected) become the victims of the violence and cruelty if they leave them behind

DVConnect counsellors regularly speak to women and some men whose pets are threatened or actually hurt by abusive partners in order to frighten and control them into staying in violent relationships.

For others, especially the children, moving without their special companions at this time compounds the stress and sense of loss and makes the trauma they are facing in their family life that much more intense

Pets in Crisis – Helps whole families!


Thanks to this program, pets can now be moved to safe locations and cared for in loving situations until their owners circumstances have changed for the better.

Knowing that their pets will be cared for and that they can be reunited as soon as they can get back on their feet is sometimes the catalyst for many women having the courage to take that vital step towards leaving a violent domestic situation and protecting themselves, their children and just as importantly their pets.