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About Us

Spot4You & Spot4Kids - Optimising Ability Through Creative Therapy.
With over two decades of speech pathology and occupational therapy experience with clients and their families, Spot4You is well equipped to manage a diverse range of clinical needs. We provide a large variety of services for both individual clients and schools. 
Whilst we started predominantly as a paediatric service, Spot4You provides highly effective treatment for adults as well as for children.
All our clinicians are registered with national Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy professional bodies, fulfilling the requirements to practice in Australia.
Spot4You is able to provide therapy under a number of funding packages and is registered with Medicare, DSS, DVA and Private Health Fund Insurers.
Our therapists are primarily mobile therapists, servicing clients in their school, day care, nursing home or home environments. However, we do have clinics available at some of our locations. Visiting our clients in the environments in which they spend their time allows us to specifically target their needs in the most relevant way possible.
Paediatric Services
We provide screening, assessment and intervention for children aged 0-18 years with a variety of presenting difficulties including: 
* Speech delays
* Language delays
* Learning difficulties
* Autism and Autistic Spectrum Disorders
* Attention Deficits and Developmental Delay
* Down Syndrome
* Fragile X Syndrome
* Cerebral Palsy
* Hearing impairment
* Vision impairment
* Literacy difficulties
School Services
We provide services for individual children, small groups and whole classes. We are also able to provide training to teachers and teacher’s aides to run programs, which we then support with regular check-ins. Examples of targets within the school environment may include:
* Sensory and gross motor groups
* Fine motor and pre-writing groups
* Visual perceptual and sequencing groups
* Social and pragmatics groups
* Language and pre-literacy groups
* Articulation and clear speech groups
Adult Services
We provide individual and group therapy options to deal with a full range of conditions including:
* Stroke
* Head injuries
* Neuro-degenerative disease
* Cancers
* General decline