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Moreton Bay Able Anglers

Moreton Bay Able Anglers

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About Us

we are a business that has been setup to provide a set of unique fishing services to people living with a Disability or Mental Health.

Our primary services are;

 Fishing Tuition For People Living With A Disablity
 Fishing Tuition For People Living With Mental Health
 Fishing Outings ForPeople Living With A Disablity
 Fishing Outings For People Living With Mental Health

Both sectors Disabled and Mental Health cover a wide variety of conditions, however, Moreton Bay Able Anglers believes that Reel Opportunities for Real People is important.

Quality of life and the activities we involve ourselves in, determine our state of mind.  Positive involvement equals Positive state of mind.

Fishing teaches many of life’s greatest lessons, Patience and Persistence are key elements to handling life’s curveballs.

Overcoming most, if not all of life’s situations, we need Patience to understand and persistence to overcome it, both of these virtues are important.


Quick Facts About The Region

Moreton Bay Able Anglers is located in the suburb of Kallangur, the council of Moreton Bay, the state electorate of Murrumba and the federal electorate of Dickson.