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About Us

Polaris Counselling provides personalised, evidence-based treatment for a variety of issues including; Mental Health (Depression, Anxiety, Stress), Relationships, Trauma recovery, Grief & Loss, Carer Burnout, Workplace Conflict, life transitions & more... Services available include: Individual, Couples (Relationship), & Web-based Counselling. By Appointment Only.

We are located in Wynnum, QLD, on the eastern outskirts of Brisbane. Our practice is located in Lamond Arcade, just a few minutes walk away from the ocean esplanade, overlooking the Moreton Bay islands. On-street parking is available and our office is wheel-chair friendly and easily accessible via public transport nearby.

Polaris Counselling recognises the importance of how our values and beliefs significantly influence the direction of our lives. Our lived experiences influence our attitudes, behaviour and communication towards others. Through better understanding of ourselves and the issues we navigate on a daily basis, we increase our capacity for change.

The celestial term "Polaris" is derived from Latin: stellar polaris; meaning 'Pole Star', commonly referred to as the North Star. The special position relative to the Earth's axis creates predictability and consistency in the night sky, making it an important and useful navigational tool. For this reason, Polaris is an icon of human curiosity and exploration. It is our hope at Polaris Counselling that you will feel supported; safe in the knowledge that we will help guide you through any issues you are currently facing.

Quick Facts About The Region

POLARIS COUNSELLING AND PSYCHOTHERAPY is located in the suburb of Wynnum, the ward of Wynnum-manly in the council of Brisbane, the state electorate of Lytton and the federal electorate of Bonner.