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Learn how to un-lock the Right (creative) side of your brain so you can finally give the Left (analytical) side of your brain a rest

Right Brain Genius classes are informative, inspiring and definitely life changing

A new adventure will begin the moment you enroll in Right-Brain Genius. This course is an excellent kick-starter to a multitude of many other wonderful things you can do with your life.

Relax while building confidence, finding focus and making new friends, (especially with your own right brain). As you progress through the simple techniques, you will thank yourself for the wonderful opportunity of un-locking your creativity.

A number of students begin to realize their dreams, while others simply improve on existing skills. Some notice improved co-ordination skills while others become aware of greater balance in their lives.

Engineers, Architects, Mums & Dad’s, Builders, Accountants, Professional Artists, Doctors, and Nurses, in fact people from all walks of life, young & old have and will continue to benefit in one way or another from this truly amazing course.

Nourish Your Brain Now!

Quick Facts About The Region

Right Brain Genius is located in the suburb of Maroochydore, the council of Sunshine Coast, the state electorate of Maroochydore and the federal electorate of Fairfax.