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About Us

Been to the dentist this year? Serviced your car lately? More work done to your house again? We are required to spend so much time maintaining so many aspects of our lives to keep functioning and remain healthy. Why aren’t many of us then investing in our relationships or preparing sufficiently for them? 

TheConfidante Counselling together with Immanuel Lutheran College is helping support clients do just that!

This 90 minute session is not only a completely FREE service to the Community but includes opportunities for FREE giveaways too!  All ages welcome.  The second Seminar of its type, feedback indicates it is more than worthwhile to attend. Limited seats so CLICK HERE or on the below image to RSVP and read what people are saying.  

In this age where over 53% of divorces in Queensland involve Children and approximately one in three marriages don’t last, it’s never been more important for Australian singles to prepare for their future relationships.  Just as imperative too, is those married or partnered to make a daily committed effort to their relationship.  We were born to enjoy our relationships to the fullest which facilitates us to flourish independently in work and play too.  

Join us for a fun and engaging session to breathe new life into your marriage, relationship or if you're single, prepare for your future one.  Come alone, with a friend or your life partner!   If there was an opportunity you could take advantage of FREE tips, trends and insights from an experienced Relationship Counsellor, HERE IT IS!







Quick Facts About The Region

Immanuel Lutheran Church is located in the suburb of Buderim, the council of Sunshine Coast, the state electorate of Buderim and the federal electorate of Fairfax.